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RIB has undertaken to develop a partnership network with individuals and agencies engaged in poverty alleviation efforts throughout the country, particularly those working at the grassroots level. Through this network, RIB hopes to contribute to the development of a new community of researchers on poverty alleviation who would take research beyond the traditional economic dimensions, towards understanding the historical, sociological, ethical dimensions of poverty and apply that knowledge to improve the situation of the poverty groups. The specific aims of the network include:


development of supportive and cooperative linkages between local, regional, national level organizations and individuals;


identification of local level problems, potential ideas and areas of intervention for improving the lives of the poverty groups;


assistance in building research capacity of partner organizations through training, seminars, workshops, dialogues, conferences or other forms of information sharing;


development of a forum for advocacy and policy campaign for materializing and transforming research findings into reality;


humanizing the poverty discourse;


ensuring that equal importance is given to the human needs of the poverty groups along with their economic/material needs.