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Much of RIB’s research has had gender as a crosscutting theme, some more directly than others. At the same time women’s labor and her dignity and place in society has been the focus of attention of specific communities. On the joint occasion of International Women’s Day (8th March) as well as UN Anti Racism Day (21st March), RIB organized a follow-up activity involving the findings of four past research Women from four communities, namely, the Rishi (or untouchable) community from Shatkhira,

a women worker of a silk factory in Rajshahi, a women waste-collector from the Matuail area in Dhaka, a women from a lesser known ethnic community, the Bunos from Kushtia and a woman construction worker in Dhaka came together for an unusual press conference where they told the Press directly their struggles and made recommendations for the alleviation of their distressful situation. What emerged was a portrayal of women existing in the margins of society in both rural and urban situations. On the other hand there was a strong sense of empowerment in the way they took the floor and spoke in their own words their stories to the world. The event was covered widely in both English and vernacular press as well as the electronic media.