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RIB has in the past supported research among one of the most marginalized communities in Bangladesh, the Kawras or pig-farmers. From this research it was felt that pig-farmers existed in both Dalit and Indigenous communities, but none ever met each other nor shared different practices or situations with regard to the profession, this workshop was convened to:
(i) to know about pig rearing practices of different communities
(ii) To know more about the variety of feeding techniques, their cost, the profit and pig breeding technologies
(iii) To know more about the variety of pig farms and their links with the daily struggle of pig farmers

(iv) To know which techniques are the most lucrative and relevant and to explore possibilities of local adoption of new technologies
(v) To facilitate a forum for pig farmers from different communities
About 11 participants from seven communities participated. The communities were: Horijons from Kushtia, Sweepers from Jessore, Garos from Sherpur, Chakmas from CHT, Kawras from Jessore and Nawapara.