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The Roadshow-The Joyous Ride of the Farmers

A spectacular Roadshow of the project “Exploring Alternative Farming Practices to End Hunger in Bangladesh” was held on 1 September 2016 with pomp and grandeur. The objectives were to promote and publicize the various achievements of the farmers at Anwara and Banskhali project sites. It was truly a farmers’heyday as large numbers loaded the decorated truck with gleaming faces.

The farmers and participants put on paper hats announcing the theme of the roadshow. The head of the truck carried a banner showing the name of the organization. The truck was decorated with banners, posters and leaflets to illustrate the lessons learnt and practiced as a result of the activity of the project since August 2015. These posters depicted real life activities of farmers in their own farms. The portraits displayed their organic method learnt over the last year and the tremendous resources of organic farming practices. The leaflets also gave multiple messages on organic and alternative farming practices.

As the Participatory Action Research (PAR) farmers wanted to draw the attention of the adjacent villages the truck rode the 30 kilometer road between Anwara and Bashkhali. Farmers, project staff chanted songs composed and musically tuned what they had to say about alternative and organic farming.

The audience around the truck was addressed by RIB-EWOH team before and during the journey.  The team was joined by Ms Suraiya Begum from Dhaka who welcomed the audience and briefed on organic farming.  Local leaders, farmers, project coordinator, staff also spoke to the gatherings. Many were seen to hold umbrellas in the heavy rain that poured, quite a number of people had gathered under the roof of shops and shed and waived hands.

The Roadshow-The Joyous Ride of the Farmers: Download Full PDF Version

Report on the Field days at Anwara- Banskhali, Project: “Exploring Alternative Farming Practices to End Hunger”.

Date: 19 Nov 2016 Juiry, Anwara

20 Nov 2016 Sorol, Banskhali

Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Objectives: Display of the Agricultural inputs and foodstuffs produced by the farmers during the season.

Rationale: As the Ensuing rice crop or any other field crop was not ready for harvest, the filed day had to be done in a different way where a larger number of small and marginal farmers could attend. Therefore the farmers decided to bring organic farming inputs and products in a central location in a site at Anwara and Banskhali.

Activities of the Field days: On the day of the event, the crops were harvested and brought to the selected site of the exhibition. In both locations tents were made and decorated with posters, festoons to depict the various lessons learned by the farmers during the project period. It was a grand exhibit as 22 products in Anwara and 27 in Banskhali respectively were displayed with names of product and farmers in bamboo made containers. The display contained vermicompost, organic pesticdes, seeds of vegetables, leafy and green vegetables, fruits and spices.

The programmes were attended by important political persons, Union level agricultural officers, responsible citizens and the project staff. A big crowd gathered and enjoyed the show of farmer grown products especially as they were free of chemicals and pesticides. With bright sunshine and complimented with folk songs it was a lovely occasion for the farmers and the project. The vegetables and other products were on sale at the end of the show.

Report on the Field days at Anwara- Banskhali, Project: “Exploring Alternative Farming Practices to End Hunger”: Download Full PDF Version