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The Naoya Sakam Gonogobeshona group Adarpara, Godagari of Rajshahi has taken initiatives collectively for planting trees for preserving the environmental balance. Adarpara is a Santal village where 103 Santal families have lived for a long time. They were living a peaceful life. It was a very good village, people were living together in unity, the nature was serene. But nowadays it has changed dramatically. The ecological balance has been destroyed.

Research Initiatives Bangladesh (RIB) started implementation of the project title “Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA)” among 20 Santal women on gender role in environment.  They made an action research group named Naoya Sakam women gonogobeshona group. The group was discussing many issues about gender relation in environment, more specifically the change of environment and its impact on the women, the food security etc.  They discussed that people are cutting trees but they are not planting trees. It was very harmful for the environment. They thought that women were responsible for maintaining the family also at the same time they have role to keep the environment balanced. They took decision to plant trees at their family homes and also the common places of the community like road side, graveyards, khas land. They discussed with the village headmen, and he gave them inspiration. The group members communicated with local municipal (Union Parishad).The chairman of the municipal said that do not give the trees but whenever they get the trees from the Social Forest Department then they distributed to the people. After returning from the municipal they arranged a meeting took decision to apply RTI (Right to information) application Social Forest Department directly for knowing i) how many tree plants will you distribute in this season ii) when it will be  distributed iii) who will get and iv) Is it free for distributing. Velentina, Sonmoni, Minoti, Mantina were the members of the group who subnitted RTI application for seeking the information. They went to the office directly and talked with the officer. After getting information of RTI, there was simple discussion about different issues and the officer was positive with them and took communication numbers.  Few days later, the officer called them for taking the trees. They went to the office and got 150 trees. They planted those at their community graveyard.