Home List of Centres Puspo Murmu is keen to preserve the environmental bio-diversity
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Puspo Murmu is a 56 years old indigenous Santal woman who has done some terrific work for preserving the environment.

Puspo Murmu’s husband name is Abraham Dulu Shaha Tudu who is living at  Saltola indigenous village under Birol sub-district of Dinajpur District.During the liberation war, they went to India as refugee. After independence of Bangladesh, she returned and started living at Saltola village with her family in a piece of 15 decimal land. The area was desert-like at that time, there were no trees, no greenery. She was determined to make the area green.

She thought that trees were very important for their livelihood. It saves one from natural disasters and gives food and shelter. She started planting different types of trees.  Whenever she goes somewhere, she brought trees and planted it in her homestead area. Sometimes she collected the tree plants from neighboring village or bought it from the market.She said if went to the market she was sure to buy at least a plant or a tree. Her husband Mr. Tudu helped her to plant trees, sometimes he also brought plants from different places and planted it in their homestead area.  Puspo Murmu nurtures these trees with devotion.



Consequently of their combined effort, the area has become. She has put more than 1200 different trees of fruits, woods, spices and medicine.Now many people take rest under her tree garden. Many birds are living on the trees.

If someone will go beside her garden or locality he can hear the chirp of birds,get the shadow and cold wind, fruits, vegetables.

She uses compost fertilizer for her homestead garden, trees and crops from the compost plant she set up in her home.  She said that the chemical fertilizers were very harmful for our environment, human society and body. Nowadays many incurable diseases have emerged by using the chemical fertilizers that is why I make different type of fertilizers using the waste of my home.

She is both an “organic intellectual” and green activist and has proved herself to be a friend of environment and a climate change maker who is needed for the world .